In the decade of 1978 consolidates Uruguay academic training in Marine Sciences, three years later the eighth edition de- ALICMAR in this country is held. From this date, the Faculty of the University of the Republic maintains an intense research activity, which in part is due to links with numerous national and foreign institutions and grant funds obtained for the necessary funding these tasks. In this context the chair of Oceanology, founded in 1977, developed and executed several national and international projects.

Under the ALICMAR congresses of Marine Sciences have been made since 1976, with a biannual frequency since 1979. These meetings have helped to stimulate research on marine sciences and related branches between practitioners and scholars from Latin America and, in turn, promote rational management of aquatic ecosystems. However, since 1985 it is established as Latin American Congress of Marine Sciences, to be carried out first COLACMAR in Santa Marta (Colombia). Its latest version, XIV COLACMAR, conducted between October and November 2011, was organized by the Brazilian Society of Oceanography (AOCEANO) and took place at Spa Camboriu (Brazil).

In the year 2013 will mark 35 years of the birth of the Marine Sciences / Oceanography in Uruguay and 30 Regional Meeting of Marine Sciences in Uruguay, which potentiated the following COLACMAR years. In this framework, currently our institution is doomed to promote new challenges on the issue in response to the claim that the development of this discipline imposed on the sustainable management of oceans and coasts. For these reasons the Faculty stood as a candidate during the COLACMAR XIV, held in Camboriu, Brazil in 2011, being designated to host the fifteenth edition of COLACMAR to the city of Punta del Este, Uruguay. For this guarantee facilities commensurate with the size and quality of the event, located in Punta del Este (and vicinity) our main pole of tourism development. It should also be noted that the University of the Republic, as part of a decentralization policy, inaugurated Regional Center of the East whose headquarters are housed in this location. In this place will be giving a new impetus to the marine sciences as a driving engine of research in Uruguay.

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